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On the 17th of October, I undertook a grueling 13 mile run at the Cardiff Bay Half Marathon event. With a time of 2:09, I felt pretty good with the overall result.   But what I took as a bit fun and an enjoyable day out for all, had the sense to bite me back where it hurt. With my lack of discipline for dedication, the last three miles or so of the run gave me, I suppose, nothing more than i deserved. With my legs failing to respond to any extra momentum I needed, it is possible the only reason I made it to that finish line was a shear nail biting determination of not wanting to be a failure in the eyes of friends and family. Although I run at regular intervals during the week and months leading up to this almight event, I suppose I underestimated the shear scale I was getting into.
While I am typing this message to the world of fantical runners, I have a little giggle of how only a year ago my mate and I were talking about taking on the London Marathon. LOL. NO WAY!


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