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A Selfish Existence

God, what a selfish world we live in.  Let me say it another way.  It is not the world I hate, it is the people who occupy it.  This isnt a rant, nor does it correspond with the way I am feeling whist typing this blog.   But I find myself constantly waking up feeling very frustrated with the world I live in.  With friends and family in the past complementing me with my placid approach to the pressures of today, I am having trouble solving the formular to why I feel this way.  It isnt the coldness of the winter, nor is it the mess the leaves make as they scuttle through the streets in a lost daze as Autumn approaches its final days.  Its us!  Yes you got it, you and I.  As human beings we have got to start opening up our hearts and souls to this magnificent world that we live in.  Recession!  This word does not give us the right to be unhappy, miserable and think we can be rude to each other while passing in the street.  It does not give us the right to chant ‘didnt feel like coming in to work today’ in a miserable expression, while half the country is struggling to find work.  What makes us great as humans, is the angle of perception and it is up to the individual which angle they choose.  We need to feel lucky about what we have got, rather than miserable about what we havent got.

          So the next time we think we can cheat a queue to buy our favourite car magazine, spare a little thought about the poor people who travel miles each day for a cup of clean water.  Or the man/woman who is fightiing for our benefits so that we can have freedom to bye these little delights for oneself.


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